Port Property Calls Attention to Detail Throughout Portfolio

Through our team’s ongoing, ever-present commitment to “making home happen,” Port Property is excited to shine a light on the unique details and notable characteristics found within our portfolio. We recently updated the “Our Properties” page on our website, expanding upon each building’s detail page with a new, streamlined layout for easy navigation and access to the most pertinent information by property.

Current and prospective residents are now able to explore each building through their own, newly designed landing pages for a more comprehensive look into our full portfolio. Each building’s detail page now provides an introduction to the building, information on the building’s history and neighborhood, apartment photography, current availability, an amenities and utilities breakdown, helpful links or tips, and contact information for the building’s property management team.

Our team understands that building details can play a crucial part during the apartment search process, from narrowing down a desired neighborhood to choosing between on-site amenities and everything in between. While creating these updated landing pages for our properties, we maintained a focus on our mission of “making home happen.” Aiming to better serve our communities, we leveraged our new website’s capabilities to improve the apartment search process and enhance usability and functionality. We also redesigned these pages to accommodate our current residents – our updated detail pages can also act as an informational guide and helpful building resource, for both new and longstanding residents alike.

Learn more about the buildings that comprise our diverse portfolio and explore them all through our updated detail pages here!