Port Property is a privately-owned business based in Portland, Maine. We were founded in 1993 and are proud to have been locally owned and operated for the 27 years we’ve been in business. Our goal is to make home happen for our residents across our portfolio of properties in Portland, South Portland and Biddeford, Maine.

As several of our properties include commercial space, we also provide commercial property management services. Our portfolio of commercial tenants includes local restaurants, well-established retail businesses, creative studios and prime office locations. 

Because we invest in these properties, use our own construction team for development and, ultimately, oversee their management, we are more than just a landlord. We are committed to the communities where we are located, and we provide exceptional customer service and amenities unmatched in the market.

Port Property is dedicated to the neighbors and community members who call Maine home, and we believe that no child should grow up hungry. As a FEED KIDS partner, we support Full Plates Full Potential’s efforts to address issues of food insecurity and end childhood hunger.

Our Core Values

We believe that providing safe, clean, well maintained apartments to all tenants is our responsibility as a good landlord and we take it very seriously.

We feel that supporting local businesses is important to our community, city, and the State of Maine.

We hold our relationships with our vendors in high regard and value the bond that we have with all of our partners in business.

We support diversity in our company, in our communities, and in the properties we manage.

We continue to improve our business model, based on the feedback, insights, and constructive criticism we get from our tenants and people within our business community.

Our Team

Port Property has been making home happen for residents for more than 25 years. A locally owned and operated business, we own and manage more than 100 unique properties across southern Maine, leveraging our deep experience and expansive portfolio to provide exceptional quality and customer service to our residents.

Each and every member of our team understands how important it is to feel at home. Whether they choose a one-bedroom in downtown Portland or a new townhouse in Biddeford, our residents have a dedicated and local property management team to welcome them to their new home!

Portland Bayside / Parkside

Michael Mehigan

Assistant Property Manager

Jason Pieske

Maintenance Team

Portland Longfellow

Shauna Dineen

Property Manager

Andrew Austin

Assistant Property Manager

Erin Weathers

Assistant Property Manager

The Hiawatha

Randy Sainthelmy

Assistant Property Manager

Jason Levesque

Maintenance Team

Scott Neuts

Maintenance Team

Justin Spearin

Maintenance Team

Portland West End & South Portland

Amber Dorcus

Property Manager

Charlie Miller

Assistant Property Manager

Rob Bolduc

Maintenance Team

Aubrey Farmer

Maintenance Team

Joe Noonan

Maintenance Team

Portland Commercial Tenants

Amalia Tardiff

Property Manager


Tim Cannon

Property Manager


Danielle Purrington


Kelly Callnan

Accounts Receivable

Mary Hayward

Accounts Payable

Human Resources

LeighAnne Bennett

Director of Human Resources


Tom Watson


Russ Pierce


Jennifer Munroe

Chief Operating Officer

Ian Mortimer

Chief Financial Officer