Thanking Our Maintenance + Field Technicians with Facilities Director, Nate Levesque

This week, Port Property is proud to celebrate our Maintenance + Field Technicians with five full days of recognition! An annual team building event, this year’s schedule was coordinated by a new addition to Port Property: Facilities Director, Nate Levesque. Our team recently connected with Nate to learn more about his journey to Port Property, his new role, and his efforts to spearhead Maintenance + Field Technician Appreciation Week 2023.  

Nate joined Port Property this spring, following a 12+ year career in facilities management. Prior to becoming a maintenance and facilities supervisor, Nate came from a long line of carpenters (spanning back 10-12 generations)! While pursuing a master’s license in electrical work, Nate simultaneously developed his deep-rooted interest in carpentry through internships and training. His career then led him to Bath Iron Works, a major shipyard where Nate supervised a team of 30+ electricians. There, he honed leadership skills, navigated complex projects, and embraced challenges. Nate then expanded his facilities experience and continued to develop his ability for overseeing organized and cohesive teams.  

As Port Property’s Facilities Director, Nate is responsible for the oversight and management of our entire maintenance department – both in Maine and North Carolina! This involves a wide range of responsibilities – including developing new maintenance strategies, communicating and coordinating upcoming projects and renovations, holding weekly and monthly planning meetings, ensuring health and safety protocols, and closely collaborating across teams to optimize function and efficiency.  

“It all comes down to communication,” says Nate. “Across a large team, there are many different personalities and work styles, and my goal is to always be compassionate about people’s needs and preferences.” 

With over 120 properties across Maine and North Carolina, Nate’s role is pivotal to our mission of “making home happen” and requires a thoughtful approach. Nate explains that his management philosophy is rooted in communication, compassion, and active listening. To support a successful department, Nate empowers his employees to guide their teams and take initiative. Following his onboarding at Port Property, Nate relays that Port Property’s maintenance team left an immediate impression on him. He quickly recognized their dedication and willingness to jump in and tackle big tasks or urgent repairs, and their commitment to getting a job done correctly.  

“Our maintenance team is always ready to jump into action and eager to solve any issues. I’m always impressed by them and so glad they’re on our team,” Nate remarks. 

Nate’s admiration towards his team is showcased in his planning for Maintenance + Field Technician Appreciation Week! An annual celebration, Port Property takes this time to thank our maintenance and field technicians for their hard work and impact on our communities. 

“By dedicating this week towards maintenance appreciation, we’re able to truly recognize the importance of our maintenance team and field technicians – and plan a variety of fun activities to bring everyone together,” says Nate.  

Thank you, Nate – and a big thank you to our maintenance team and field technicians for all that you do to keep our communities running in top shape. Learn more about our Maintenance + Field Technician Appreciation Week by following us on Instagram (Maine | North Carolina) & Facebook (Maine | North Carolina)!