Port Property Upgrades Availability Search on Website

Port Property is excited to share details on a new improvement to our website, reflecting our ongoing commitment to “making home happen.”

To improve the apartment search process for potential residents and allow for easier customization, we have implemented a new “move-in date” filter on our website’s availability page! In addition, each listing now displays a subheader with an “Available Now” or “Available on [DATE]” label when browsing.

Similar to the existing price, bedroom, and location filters, this new option is listed along the left-hand side of the search page and allows prospective residents to view available apartments on or before their selected date. Prospective residents can also sort their results by move-in date from the top dropdown menu!

We hope this new feature helps to streamline your apartment search process across our Maine and North Carolina portfolios! Learn more and begin your search with this new filter on our website (Search in Maine or Search in North Carolina).