Port Property Highlights Impact of Operations Management 

Our team spans across a variety of different portfolios and departments in order to make home happen for our community – from handling property management in Portland’s West End to overseeing our commercial tenants in Biddeford. An important piece of that equation is our Operations Management team, who work to develop thoughtful initiatives, offer support across the company, and assist with hiring and growing our team. We chatted with LeighAnne Bennett, Director of Human Resources, to get her perspective on the importance of Operations Management and the impact it has on Port Property! 

How would you describe your role as Director of Human Resources?  

As Port Property has grown, so has the need for a dedicated Human Resources / Operations department. I came into this role with the opportunity to evaluate current HR practices and use that information to help develop a plan that will support both the business and our amazing team. The plan is ever evolving, but we are focused on continuing to foster a company culture that always encourages open communication, fresh ideas, and teamwork that is supported by strategy and structure.  

What does a “typical day” look like (if there is such a thing!) at Port Property? 

Typical? That word doesn’t exist in property management!  During the past few months, I have been spending time getting to know more about the business – how we lead, how we document, how we train, and how we plan to grow. This involves a deep dive into our current benefits and policies to see what works and what can improve. I’ve also been working on scheduling meetings and sending surveys to develop my relationships with all our team members across each and every department. Seeing the company culture from all sides is essential as we continue to evolve! 

What would you highlight as the most interesting (or rewarding!) aspect of Human Resources and Operations Management?  

I think some people can be skeptical of Human Resources and not always utilize us as a resource. With the full support of our leadership team, I have been working to strengthen those connections and I am so encouraged by the progress we have made!  I personally love when someone comes to me with a challenge or a question. I love brainstorming ideas and solutions to foster a culture of open communication. 

What made you choose to join Port Property? 

When I moved to Portland, I lived in a unit managed by Port Property. I had a great experience as a tenant – so when I saw the posting for an Assistant Property Manager, I jumped at the chance! 

How has Port Property evolved since you began working here? What do you look forward to in the years ahead? 

I have been so encouraged by my experience with leadership and our employee engagement over the past few months. I look forward to continuing to create a culture where all employees feel connected, supported, and inspired to do great work.  We want everyone to feel like they have a seat at the table. 

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